Pilot Program Lunch Times on Mon - Tue - Wed - Fri  - 12pm to 4:40pm 

Text your address and your name for pickup.

Deb's Cell  


Pricing and payment options

2.00 dollars within a mile of city limits, add 20 cents per mile on total distance with return to restaurant.


Examples: In city 2.00 plus base city 1 mile *2 .40 cents  = 2.40 cents for one mile round trip,

or if 9 miles down Kesey Rd would be 2.00 plus 18 * .20 = 5.60


Payment Options:

Cash Accepted on Delivery or 

send to local bank to name phone or email 

or use;

Paypal: The 2.00 base fee as listed as a shipping fee so just choose your approximate location from the drop down menu. 

Mileage approximate .20 for all miles back to  the restaurant