Launching my Doterra life style


Here is one Recommendation  "Healthy Home Kit"  sign up for your monthly LRP this is a pre-arranged "Loyalty Rewards Program" that gives you a free gift each month if it meets 100 points and is ready on time before the15th each month. This is to build your knowledge and to help others with ongoing training. This is also what brings Mom's home to their children; We can teach others what plants are really meant for -- a great opportunity !!!!

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 "Let me share my friends website she has done amazing things."


See her non-profit. Plus I'm invited to join her in Haiti  !!!!!!


Books for reference

Essential oils and sleep.pdf

Essential oils for beginners.pdf

Lifelong vitality.pdf

And for a deep science study

Essential Oil Chemistry Handbook.pdf

Recipe    "Please ask if you have something in mind I'll do my best to find it for you."

 Tropical Colada Smoothie DoTERRA Essential Oils.pdf