Thank you for Ride Sharing and your generosity too ; - )

Here are some links I may have mentioned

Portland City Grill  5th and Burnside ----For the View and sometimes a piano bar.


----Steakbits and a signature salad from the bar Ringside

NW 21st and Burnside, one of the latest happy hour at 9pm.


Luc Lac  - one of the latest open restaurant that is on SW 2nd And Taylor

------My recommendation was to get just a small bowl of broth only and add all their sauces to it.

(be careful not to get the full bowl of soup with vegitables)


Sw Hawthorn and 12th street on the corner is filled with food carts and lit up at night with a firepit Cartatopia ------for the green sauce (get some extra to go) at "Chicken & Guns"   

Just up hawthorn is a very late night sandwich called Devils Dill.


Things to do around downtown. A tour bus that is Pink and is called Washington park shuttle it drops at various places around town to visit and picks up in 45 min. I think it is around 5th and Burnside also.

Shenghai underground tours only on Saturdays










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want and enjoy free products to begin earning your business. 

I know when you like something you are usually very loyal to it, so I'm willing to work hard at pleasing you.

I'm looking forward to seeing and speaking with you in the future. Enjoy all !!! from Debby.

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